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Living in nature



The small town Lancken- Granitz is located in the heart of the biosphere reserve Südost-Rügen between the Granitz mountain range and the nature reserve of the Neuensiener Lake. The small 400 people community is stately recognized as a spa resort and offers plenty of attractions. The old church from the 15th century in the town center and the megalithic tombs are easy to reach from our location. The Fünffinger ally leads to the island´s most beautiful places like for instance the idyllic fisher village Seedorf, the traditional village Neu Reddevitz and the noble town Putbus. Neu Reddevitz has an unique natural beach with a view on the island of Vilm.


The Neuensiener Lake is only 5 walking minutes from our apartment. The lake has a swimming spot south eastern Lancken-Granitz. 

The fisher village Seedorf can be discovered through a walk along the Neuensiener Lake or by bike. Especially the natural harbour is very beautiful. Due to the calm and rural surrounding with many walking possibilities our apartments make up to a perfect holiday destination for dog owners. 

The island´s largest connected beech forest called Granitz is located northern Lancken-Granitz.

The hunting lodge of Granitz is on top of the 109 m high Tempel Mount. The former prince residence has a viewing tower with a height of 38 m. It allows to have an amazing view on many island parts. The peninsula Mönchgut in the south does not only consist of smooth hill landscapes and marvelous beaches along the Baltic Sea. Discover impressive sights from all starting points and gain unforgettable views of the traditional fisherman villages.

400m to lake

Neuensiener See

4km to the beach

4km to supermarkets & stores

500m to public transport

2km to Jagdschloss Granitz

Cycle and hiking routes in front of the house

2km to the natural harbour in Seedorf

4km to Sellin

Nature in front of the house

1,8km to trainstation Garfitz

4km to Binz

4km to restaurants, cafes & bars

Leuchtturm Sassnitz.jpg

Rügen Island

Germany´s biggest island with a surface of about 900 km² (575 km coast) offers its visitors an appealing variety of distinctive landscapes.

Our accommodation presents an ideal starting point to explore coasts, fine sandy beaches, traditional fisherman villages, mesmerizing lakes, breath-taking forests and vintage boulevards. Nature lovers appreciate the diverse and untouched nature.

Rügen is worth a visit all year round. In spring the island charms with blooming rape fields and in summer it invites for a good swim. During autumn you have time to encounter our unique natural environment by walking tours and even in winter you can observe the freezing of the Baltic Sea.

​Another attraction includes the treetop path and the experience exhibition of the natural heritage center. From their viewing platform you will get an amazing view on Rügen and the Baltic Sea.

A day trip to Hiddensee isle is inevitable. The isle is car free and only accessible by a ferry or water taxi. Hiddensee convinces with a calm, natural landscape and many offered activities and events for families. Long beaches, a traditional lighthouse, quaint dunes and rustic places make Hiddensee to a special island

A trip to the national parc Jasmund is a must for every Rügen holiday. Visit the famous Königsstuhl, the 117 m high chalk cliff, and enjoy a spectacular view on the Baltic Sea. The national parc with its mystic beech forest is an adventurous experience for young and old.

Things to Do


Thanks to natures diversity Rügen offers many things to do. Guests appreciate the hiking and cycling network. Lancken-Granitz is perfectly attached to it. Perfect wind and water circumstances enable you to surf, kite and sail. Anglers profit too: the long coasts and lakes are a real deal for them. The summer months are ideal to spend some time at the beach and swim in the sea. Not only that, Rügen also has plenty of diving territories.

Rügen has many health and wellness institutions which present a wide range of treatments with different products. The pure, fresh sea breeze as well as the spectacular nature are only one of many reasons why Rügen is the perfect place for cure and recovery visits. Lancken-Granitz is a state approved resort.

The Baltic Sea resorts Binz and Sellin encourage strolling and shopping. These places have many boutiques and galleries, which offer exclusive art and craft pieces like for instance: Paintings,  glass blowing, goldsmithing and ceramics. Moreover, there are a plenty of cafés and restaurants. Enjoy the impressive bath architecture and sit comfortably in one of the cafés in the pedestrian zone. The sea resorts offer a great cultural variety. Beach parties, sport events, harbor festivals and children´s activities are offered regularly. Sellin also has a bridge which meanwhile has become a true symbol of Rügen. As the sea resorts – especially during the high season- are very crowded, our apartment complex in Lancken-Granitz is the perfect destination to enjoy peacefully the beauty of the island and still be close to all main attractions.

Walking & Hiking


Relaxing on the beach & Swimming


Enjoying & discovering nature


Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Visiting Baltic Sea Resorts

Participating in events

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