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Terms and Conditions


Validity and acceptance of these terms and conditions

  1. The terms and conditions are to be considered as an extend of the already valid house rules and relevant legal regulations.

  2. The terms and conditions apply for the regulation of the rental process between property owner and renter. All services by the property owner are based on the regulations of these terms and conditions. Deviations of    these conditions require the written consent of the property owner.

  3. Subletting the apartment to a third party is strictly forbidden. The holiday apartment is only to be used for residential purpose. Deviations require the written consent of the property owner.

  4. If the renter booked over a platform for instance Booking, Atraveo or Airbnb, general terms and conditions can differ. In this case the terms and conditions of the platform are valid. If the platform does not provide terms and conditions, the stated terms and conditions below apply.


Hosting agreement and services

  1. A rental contract takes effect if the renter accepts the offered apartment by phone or in written form. The renter receives within the next few days a confirmation and a reservation letter which has to be sent back signed. The booking confirmation counts as a contract. The renter is obliged to check if the provided confirmation is correct. Should the letter of confirmation have any deviations that are not notified to the owner then the information of the confirmation letter will count. The renter can receive an invoice for his stay if required. For bookings made on site: By moving into the apartment the terms and conditions directly apply.

  2. The condition of the property results out of the description thus being part of the contract.

  3. The owner is obliged to keep the booked apartment available and provide the full service to the renter. The guest is obliged to pay the rent and for services provided. This also applies for services by third parties which are provided by the owner.

  4. Furthermore, the renter is engaged to make honest statements about the number of people renting the apartment. Additional guests must be announced to the owner. He may refuse their accommodation or demand an additional fee.


Payment and prices

  1. The advance payment of approximately 20 % which is stated in the booking confirmation has to be transferred during the mentioned time period to the stated bank account. The final payment has to be transferred 30 days before arrival. Bookings made less than 4 weeks before the renting and bookings onsite must be fully paid directly. If the renter fails to meet the payment deadline (advance and final payment) and if it is not made after a given grace period, the owner can withdraw from the contract. The renter must be informed in written form about this.

  2. All prices include the statutory value-added tax.

  3. The accommodation prices do not include the tourist tax.

  4. The final cleaning is not included in the accommodation price and must be paid separately, if not agreed otherwise.


General rights and obligations; house rules; damages

  1. The renter is obliged to follow the house rules. The renter is bound to take the neighbours needs into consideration.

  2. The renter is obliged to take care of the apartment as well as the inventory and treat it with caution. Should the owner realize after departure that the renter did not full fill his obligations, he may charge the increased expenses of cleaning.

  3. Defects and damages must be directly reported to the owner so he can eliminate them.

  4. The renter is liable for all damage and staining that he or his co-renters, family members etc. may have caused to the rental property or the inventory. This applies also to damages which are detected by the owner after the renter´s departure.

  5. The bringing of pets requires the previous allowance of the owner. The owner does not provide any pet supplies such as feeding bowls, sleeping opportunities or toys. The renter is liable for any damages caused by the pet.

  6. Internet use is only permitted, as long as it does not violate the legal regulations. Criminal acts (in particular illegal downloads, page views, etc.) will be reported and prosecuted. The renter is liable for unlawful use of the internet.

  7. The owner or his representative can visit the apartment at any time in the presence of the renter.


Contract withdrawal

  1. The renter can declare to withdraw from the contract. The renter is obliged to pay the caused damage.

  2. Flat cancellation fee:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Up to 30 days before arrival free cancelation                                                                                                                                                                                      From the 29th day before arrival 50% of the total price                                                                                                                                                                          From the 14th day before arrival 80% of the total price                                                                                                                                                                            1 day before arrival or no show without resignation 100% of the total price                                                                                                                                         The owner will rent elsewhere and offset the income on the damages.

  3. Moreover, the property owner is allowed to withdraw or terminate the contract extraordinary for justified reasons if for instance: a) Force majeure or other circumstances for which the provider is not responsible make the fulfillment of the contract impossible, b) The apartment was booked under false or misleading information for example about people, purpose or the accommodation of pets, c) The apartment is used for other than residential purposes, d) The owner has reasons to suppose that the provided service could harm the security and domestic peace of other guests and neighbours or even the reputation of the owner in public. The owner has to notify the renter about the right of withdrawal or termination.

  4. In case of a) the renter will be reimbursed by the owner for all made payments. In the case of justified resignation or justified termination by the owner, the renter has no claim for damages. The renter must reimburse the owner for all damages for which he is responsible due to a resignation or an extraordinary termination according to b-d.


Arrival and departure

  1. The owner is obliged to hand over the rented property to the renter during check-in time from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the day of arrival. Arrivals must be made by 7:00 pm, unless a later arrival time is agreed in advance. In this case, the key is deposited in the key safe and the guest will receive the code on the day of arrival.

  2. The renter is obliged to present his valid identity card or passport on the day of arrival.

  3. A deposit of € 70.00 is required on site. The landlord reimburses this deposit on the day of departure if the apartment and its inventory is handed over without damages. In case of damages to the apartment and / or the inventory, the renter has to pay the necessary amount for repairs and / or replacements in cash (§249 Abs. 2 BGB).

  4. The renter has to check-out by 10:00 am and hand over the apartment to the owner or the authorized person on the day of departure. In case of delay, the owner has the right to claim for an additional payment. Secondly, the owner has the right for compensation for all further damages due to a delayed eviction.

  5. Should one or more keys get lost the renter has to pay for the replacement and possibly for the installation of new locks.


Liability and accountability

  1. The owner is liable for all obligations under the contract. The liability is limited to intent and gross negligence of the owner, if and insofar as he is not absolutely bound by the statutory provisions indispensable. Should faults or defects in the services of the owner occur, the owner will make every effort, with knowledge or immediate notification of the renter, to eliminate the fault or the defect. The renter is obliged to contribute to what is reasonable in order to eliminate the fault or defect and to minimize possible damage.

  2. The owner is not responsible for any items brought in by the renter; they are not considered as brought in items within the meaning of §§ 701 f. BGB. A liability of the owner under these prescriptions, is thus expressly excluded. This also applies to valuables that the renter keeps / leaves in the apartment.

  3. The renter is liable for all damages that he, his fellow travelers or his visitors in the apartment (building too) may have caused. A private liability insurance is recommended to the renter. The renter is obliged to report damages to the owner. This also applies in particular to damages that can also affect other apartments in the house (e.g. water damage, fire damage).

  4. Claims of the renter expire in six months, unless the owner is liable for intent. Claims of the owner become time-barred in the respective legal period.


Data privacy

The personal data provided by the renter is protected in accordance with the prescriptions of the GDPR. Further information can be found in the privacy policy of the Appartementanlage Lancken-Granitz.


Written form

Changes or additional requirement concerning the contract, application acceptance or these terms and conditions must be made written. One sided changes or additions made by the renter are invalid.


Severability clause

Should one or more of the conditions concerning the following terms become ineffective then it will not have any consequences for the rest of the validity of the term. An invalid determination shall be replaced with a valid one to imply it´s economic aim.



Notice: We recommend our guests to purchase a travel cancellation insurance.

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